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Bringing A Puppy Home

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This page is chocked full of valuable information on food, toys, crates, vitamins, treats for your puppy. Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger view.


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Everything on this page is a compilation of information I have gathered together over a long period of time.  What ever you decide to use is up to you and at your own discretion.

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Healthy Treat & Recipes For Your Dog

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I have added this section as so many of the treats that are available for our dogs are made in China. China does not have any health regulations as to ingredients and cleanliness of the manufacturing 

facilities.   TREATS MADE IN CHINA HAVE KILLED OUR PETS.  If you do not want to make your own treats, please by American Made with ingredients sourced in the USA.

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This page is full of valuable information on diet, what dogs should and

should not eat, probiotics, vitamins.  Click on the thumbnail pictures to view a

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The weather affects everyone, even our pets.  This page is full of great information on how the weather can affect the safety of  your pet in all four seasons.

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FYI... for your information

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This page has tons of information about all aspects of a dog's life.

Check back often.  As I find valuable information, I will continue to

add.  If there is something you feel I've missed and would like to have 

included, please just let me know.  Click on the thumbnail pictures for

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Bright Eyes Australian Shepherds

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Australian Shepherd Vital Information