Everything on this page is a compilation of information I have gathered together over  long period of time.  What ever you decide to use is up to you and at your discretion.

For the Health of your Dog

Puppy xray of growth plates

joint issues with the wrong exercise too young

When you get your 8/10 week old puppy, please keep this image in mind.  Their bones do not even touch yet.  Growth plates are the soft areas that sit at the ends of the long bones in puppies and young adults.  Until the growth plates close,  they are soft and easily  injured.  This closure is around 18 months and  sexual maturity usually happens and signals the closure.  After sexual maturity, the growth plates calcify.  Before this crucial time, puppies plod around so cutely with big floppy paws and wobbly movement because their joints are entirely made up of muscle, tendons, ligaments with just  skin covering.  Nothing is fitting tightly together or has a true socket yet. When a puppy is young and injured, the these tendons and ligaments are stronger than the growth plates. When injured, these soft tissues can pull apart the puppies growth plates.  Sometimes these injuries can affect the dog for the rest of their life.

When you run, jump or jog them excessively or don't restrict their exercise to stop them from overdoing it during this period, you don't  give them a chance to grow properly.  Every big jump or excited,  bouncing run causes impacts between  the bones.  In reasonable amounts,  this is not problematic and is the normal wear and tear that every animal will engage in.  But when you're letting your puppy jump up and down off the sofa or bed, take them for long walks/hikes/runs, play frisbee, jump out of pickup beds, off quads, you are damaging that forming joint.  There is a huge chance of breaking a bone that still is soft.  When you let the puppy slip on tile with no traction you are also damaging the joint.

You only get the chance to grow them properly once. A well built body is something that comes from excellent breeding and a great upbringing … BOTH,  not just one.

Once grown, you will have the rest of their life to spend playing and engaging in higher impact exercise,  longer  jogs.   Keep it calm while they're still little baby puppies and give the gift that can only be given once.

Puppy xray  leg break

This xray is  of a 4 month old puppy that a family adopted from me.  You can see the serious break which had to be pinned in 2 places in order to be fixed.  Also, note the spaces between the bones which are the unclosed growth plates.  This terrible accident  could of been prevented if the family would of not allowed the puppy to play with older, bigger dogs.  Rough play with dogs or adults can cause serious injuries.   Several years ago, I had another family have their older puppy snap his leg in two by jumping off their bed.  His leg had to be pinned to be fixed. Just remember, BE CAREFUL and remember they break easy when young.   

Benadryl for dogs

Click on the below link for more information on use.  Be sure to  ask your vet for advice on use and dosage.

coconut oil for dogs

Coconut oil has many beneficial uses for dogs, as well as humans.

It regulates insulin and can help prevent or control diabetes.  It can disinfect cuts and wounds and soothe cracked pads. It contains antifungal, antibiotic and antiviral properties.  Its great for skin and coat. It helps with digestive disorders.  It can help reduce allergic reactions. It helps balance the thyroid. It can even be used to clean teeth.  It also can repel and expel parasites.

greenies are choke hazards

Intestinal blockage is a constant concern for dogs.  They love to chew non-food items, and dogs have a tendency to swallow large chunks of hard-to-digest items.  The accusers are alleging that Greenies are not adequately digestible and large chunks can lodge in the throat of your dog.

rawhide dangerous for pets

Please leave these in the store.  The vast majority of rawhide products and treats come from China.  Their journey starts with the hides being soaked in a toxic sodium sulphide to remove the hair and fat.  More chemicals are used in order to split the hide into layers which is then washed with hydrogen peroxide to give the white 'pure' look and rmove the rancid smell. Some rawhides have festive colors (SEE PICTURE BELOW) and the glue to form rolls or cute shapes.  They regularly cause intestinal blockages and choking.  The chews go slippery when wet and are near impossible to get hold of to save a choking dog.  PLEASE BE SAFE WITH YOUR DOGS.   DON'T USE!

dangerous rope toys

Dogs love rope toys.  Rope toys are pulled apart easily especially the cheaper ones. The string wrap around the inside of the intestines and cause many problems such as severe blockages. NO ROPE TOYS

Leave these on the shelf ... do not buy

rawhide toys in stores

Most common causes of pet poisoning are human food (coffee, chocolate, sugar free gum, grapes or raisons, alcoholic beverages), house hold chemicals (cleaners, fire logs, rat poison, anti-freeze, fertilizers, weed killers, insecticides) plants (sago palms, castor beans, poinsettia, azaleas, lilies) human medications (blood pressure pills, heart meds, pain meds, NSAIDS, Tylenol) There are many more.

Early signs of poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, depression, agitation, seizures, lethargy, loss of appetite, unable to urinate, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, black or bloody stools.

dog tongue color

The color of your dogs tongue or gums can be an indication there is a medical problem.  If your dogs tongue is pale in color or bright red, a vet visit is most likely in order.


FDA-approved antiparasitic drugs such as ivermectin (Heartgard), milbemycin oxime (interceptor) and moxidectin (Advantage Multi; Proheart 6) have been tested and found safe for MDR-1 affected dogs when given at the prophylactic heartworm preventative dosage. It also controls and prevents flea infestations.

Below is a link to WSU website with a partial list of do no use drugs.  If you like, I can email you a more comprehensive list of drugs.


Interceptor is a safe heartworm prevention medication for Collies, Collie-mixes, Shelties and Australian Shepherds.  It does not contain the drug ivermectin, which is known to have deadly affects on the above breeds. 

illnesses found in dog poop

Scoop that poop.  It is not only the right thing to do, but can be beneficial in the health of other dogs and children.

why you scoop the poop



color of poop and what it means

Every dog is unique, so your dog's standard of normal, healthy poop may be slightly different than another dog's.  The importnt thing is to talk to your veterinarian if you discover any change from your dog's usual routine.

Color should be chocolate brown, shaped like logs and maintain their form. Normal dog poop should be compact, moist, and easy to pick up from the ground.  Diarrhea or watery feces without any form at all is often an indication of intestinal upset.Mucus could be an indication of an inflamed colon, while excessive grass in addition to the pop's fecal contents could be an indication of stress or gastric upset.  Keep tract of your dog's poop!

dental do's and don'ts

Dental care is important to your dog's health.  Your dog can develop gum disease.  A dog with tarter buildup, gum disease, and rotten teeth will decrease the quaility of life and longevity.  We feed our dogs knuckle bones monthly or when tarter starts to form on the teeth.  I've never had to take a dog in for a dental cleaning which could cost up to $500.  

dangerous foods



Too much vaccines are not necessary

Please do your research before allowing your vet to over vaccinate your dog.  There are pages of sites you can visit regarding over vaccinating and the problems they cause.  Please visit the below site for more info or visit DR. JEAN DODDS, DVM

minimum durtion of immunity for vaccines


Below is a link to a page that is full of information

why we should not over vaccinate.

CPR and heimlich maneuver

CPR and Heimlich maneuver

Many owners are learning emergency techniques like CPR to keep their pet alive before bringing them to a vet. If there is no breathing and no pulse, begin CPR immediately. Check for breathing and pulse using middle and index finger below the wrist,  inner thigh, where the left elbow touches the chest.  Gums and lips will appear gray.  Pupils will be dilated and not responsive. Small dogs place your mouth over their nose and mouth to blow air in.  Medium-large dogs place your mouth over its nose to blow air in. If breath wont go in, airway could be blocked. Turn dog upside down, with its back against your chest. Wrap your arms around the dog and clasp your hands together just below its rib cage.  Using both arms, give five sharp thrusts to the adoman.Then check the mouth for objects and remove. Give 2 more rescue breaths.


10 ways to prepare for a dog with cancer

Having a dog with cancer is heartbreaking.  Be your dog's hero and make it a point to do a check once a month to catch cancer early. Take 10 minutes on the 1st of the month to feel and look for lumps, bumps, and swellings.  check your dog from head to toe, including the inside of their mouth. Follow up with an edam by your vet if you find anything suspicious or worrisome.  Keep a record of any growths so you can keep track of anything new. watch for any unusual behavior or change in attitude or appetite.

first aid kit


This site is a wonderful source of most anything Aussie.  I highly suggest you check it out.  You will find most anything you are looking for. 


Usually dehydration in dogs involves loss of both water and electrolytes, which are minerals such as sodium, chloride and potassium.  Dehydration is caused by either a lack of food or water intake or an increase in water loss through illness or injury.  A fever further increases the loss of water. Slowly rehydrate. Offer a mildly dehydrated dog small sips of water every few minutes.  You can also mix electrolyte replacement powder with the water.  Too much water too quickly could cause him to vomit, exacerbating his dehydration.

bright eyes australian shepherds

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